Le damos la bienvenida a la primavera en Ibiza

We welcome spring in Ibiza

Sep 21, 2023

This weekend spring begins and although rain may bathe the fields of Ibiza, we are going to celebrate it.

On Saturday we return to Sant Jordi market for the third consecutive weekend to offer at a price of crazy sale hats and from last season. It's a good time if you want to get an Aho.

On Sunday Sonica Radio has something big to celebrate and it is launching a new music channel; SONICA TRIBE. For them it is time to reunite the tribe that connects with life through sounds. From the Earth to the Cosmos, it is organic, ethnic, cosmic... and artists such as NHII, GOYANU, Marco Tegui, SAN RA, Silvia Operé, Foxy Bitch will be in charge of presenting it through sound. At 2:00 p.m.: paella and barbecue at popular prices, children's area and artisan market where we will meet. We would love to share with you!